Tokyo Tower, Contemplation for Us


A Prude Boy

I’ve just watched this film in the first day of my holiday. I got the copy of the film from my friend, Afdan Zamil. He usually collects east-Asian film. For instance, One Litre of Tears (I’ve written the review in my Multiply site), My Boss My Hero, and the last, Tokyo Tower. I and Zamil’s chamber friend, Sahrul Mulia Siregar, often watch films nowadays. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because of the little headache. For information, we have already finished our third semester examination some few days ago. This can’t be called successful at all, the first issued result was disappointed me. But, that isn’t the point, I want to talk about an amazing film, the best contemplation film I’ve ever seen, Tokyo Tower.

I called it ‘contemplation’ on the title since the story is almost like my life. Nakagawa Masaya, it’s his name, the figure narrated on the film. His parents got a divorce when he was a child. Then, he lived with his mother, her name’s Eiko. On the other hand, his father lived in Kogura with his father’s mother. In, 1979 (if I don’t forget that), Eiko put Ma-Kun (Nakagawa’s nickname) to elementary school, but he’s a prude boy, he can’t stay too far away from his mother. When he arrived at the front of the class, suddenly he turned back to his mother. His friends cheers him from the classroom window, it was a shameful.

Afterwards, Eiko and Ma-Kun were looking for their residence. Then, Eiko has found an old hospital, it seems never use for a long time. Eiko decided to make it to be their house. Eiko and her sister were working together hardly while Ma-Kun grew up there, Fukuoka Country. There is where they lived until Ma-Kun graduated from his senior high school in 1989. We can’t called this family is in under poverty line, but we also can’t called them a rich family. Being a single parent is so hard for Eiko, though sometime Ma-Kun usually visited his Oton (‘father’ in Japanese) in Kogura.

It Started Here

Ma-Kun was going to continue his study in Tokyo, but he didn’t plan it specifically, such as what university will he go. He wanted to go to Tokyo just because of one thing, there are a lot of beautiful girl. Ma-Kun decision’s move on to Tokyo and continue his study there. Finally, he passed an exam to continuing study in Fine Arts University (FAU) in Tokyo, his majority is Visual Design. The Ma-Kun decision to move on was hardly accepted by Eiko.

Ma-Kun can’t wake up early in the morning by himself even he is about 18 years old. He is also still scared of cockroach in the years. Imagine how he can live lonely in Tokyo with these conditions. That made Eiko hard to let him go. But, the time’s up, Ma-Kun really wanted to go to Tokyo quickly. There’s a scene made me cry, when he left Fukuoka and left his mother.

He started the first day, and that was expected before, he was wake up lately. He met his first friend in FAU, his name’s Narusawa, his majority same as Ma-Kun. He met others too, there was Manami. She is in majority of photograph, a woman whom he met in the bus by the first time he came to Tokyo. The time is running for a year, while Eiko doubled her effort in country so that she can pay all of Ma-Kun’s expense.

Ma-Kun can’t adapt in Tokyo anymore for some first months. He became a compulsive shopper, gambler, wasting time with his dormitory friend, and he just burned a hole in his pocket. He wasn’t aware that his mother works hardly every day, in the fact that she’s hoping too much from Ma-Kun. She was wondering her son to be a successful person later. Ma-Kun wasn’t change at all until he’s getting sick.

After Graduation

Eiko, with her injury because of an accident she just got, came to Tokyo to treat Ma-Kun. He was just getting hopeless of his study at FAU, he wanted to quit. Wisely, Eiko gave him a new spirit to hang in there, no one people reach their success without any obstacle. Eiko and Ma-Kun promised each other to do their best on their own works. In the end, he changed himself little by little to a better Ma-Kun.

In short, Ma-Kun and his all friend have graduated from the FAU in four years. Manami would continue her activity becoming a cameraman and Narusawa would work at a publisher, while Ma-Kun decided to live freely for awhile. A few moments later, Eiko’s mother got sick and she must have a treatment in hospital. The grandma wanted to see Ma-Kun, a child usually help her in a long time ago. There’s one more scene make me cry, when his grandma was die. For Ma-Kun, the moment gave his spirit back. In this few months, he’s unemployed and didn’t have a place for residing too. He became one of the poor people in Tokyo until his grandma passed away.

A few days later Eiko got a big tumor (cancer, red.) in her throat, doctor said it must be healed with an operation. It could bother Eiko’s voice because of the cancer place. Then, the operation was success and Eiko’s voice didn’t bother, she still can sing.

Eiko Moved to Tokyo

In one time, Ma-Kun’s aunt and Eiko wanted a holiday to overseas. They called Ma-Kun and forced him to buy tickets for them. Three of them, in the end, took a holiday to a hotel with Hawaii atmosphere, but it is still in Japan. The two of them didn’t dissatisfying Ma-Kun’s treatment, they’re all very happy there. After the holiday, precisely at Tokyo terminal, Ma-Kun invited his mother, Eiko, to live together in Tokyo. Eiko accepted that invitation, her sister supported to do this too.

Eiko has to move on not only because of his son invitation, but also because the hospital where she lived would be demolished by its owner. In brief, she moved to Tokyo. Ma-Kun rent/bought an apartment near the Tokyo Tower. His friend are so often comes to the house, therefore Eiko always cooks many kinds of food every day to treat them. Here, Eiko also finished her throat cancer with successful operation without any effect to her voice. They’re all live happily ever after until Eiko got a problem.

Once again, she got cancer, this is a stomach cancer. The doctor in Tokyo Hospital said to Ma-Kun that it can’t be cured by an operation. So, Eiko agree to Ma-Kun to getting chemotherapy. There were more than a month Eiko got the treatment at the hospital. The cure method is very pain for Eiko, and she decided to stop this. Ma-Kun understood what Eiko’s mean, then he brought his mother go home. Doctor was reminding that Eiko can be live for two or three months only.

Final Episode

There are some moments with Eiko that Ma-Kun can’t forget, those are when they were seeing sunrise together, took breakfast together, etc. Now, Eiko has to become a patient again in Tokyo Hospital. She fainted when she went for a trip with Ma-Kun’s aunt just after she finished her third treatment of cancer. Eiko has moved to private treatment room. Manami usually visits her when she doesn’t help her mother in Hokkaido. Oton also visits her more often. All of Ma-Kun friends in Tokyo visit her too.

That is the last night for Eiko to live, there are Ma-Kun and Oton sleep in the room. This is like Eiko’s old dream, she wanted the three of them sleep in the same room again, just like the past. And, the time is coming, Eiko is dying in 7.30 a.m, then she passed away. I can’t tell the story after that, you’d better watch the film first before conclude it now. Tokyo Tower is amazing, it totally makes me cry in many scenes of the film. Five stars for this!

Cimahi, 18 January 2010
Rama Permana


4 responses to “Tokyo Tower, Contemplation for Us

  1. Wah, ane juga nangis banget banget nonton film ini akh.. ane jadi inget sama orang tua ane.. ane kan juga perantauan sama kaya Ma-Kun… keren banget dah film ini.. RECOMMENDED!!

  2. Bgus filmnya,sayang g ada unsur islamnya ya..y jd mahasiswa tnyata seperti ini,apalg saat q menyadari bhwa tgasq tak hny sbg mhasiswa,hump..menyeimbangkn amanah ortu dn janjiq pd Allah sgtlah susah jg y..

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