My Supra and Me, and Sometime, My Vario

This is Supra 125D, but it isn't mine

First of all, let me introduce my motorcycles, Supra and Vario. In fact, both of them are my father’s. But, let we assume that these are mine. My first motor is Supra, this is Honda Supra 125cc, Single Disc Brake (front wheel), Blue-Black chromatic. My father bought it in November 2006 in Cimahi. It has many experiences since brought to Jakarta, the city where I was studying for three years (Telecommunication Vocational High School).

I’d like to inform you what record I’ve been breaking with this motorcycle. Yeah, I succeed to ride this motor into the fastest velocity I’ve never been reach before. Do you know how fast it was? The speedometer showed 110 km per hour! It was incredible speed, wasn’t it? For me, that has given an outstanding feeling. More than that, I made it alone.

This is my(father's) Vario

On the other hand, that is Vario, Honda Vario 120-125cc, Single Disc Brake (front wheel), White-Pink chromatic. It bought when I was in second level student in IT Telkom. My parents did it due to my request. I requested to bring the Supra, so it’s necessary to buy one more. With this one, I couldn’t reach the speed above 80 km per hour. Even though, its acceleration is faster than Supra. It must be because Vario is an automatic gear motorcycle.

Cimahi, 20 January 2010
Rama Permana


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